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Learn EVERYTHING You Need To Know to Have the PASSIONATE Love and 
ROCK-SOLID Partnership YOU WANT!  Even If Your Partner REFUSES To Change...
Scott M.
"Working with Jenny has been fantastic. I've seen a few therapists, and all have been helpful in some way. But working with Jenny is different. Coaching is different. She has a way of staying with you right where you are, so you can actually experience it and heal, instead of just trying to fix it in your head. If you're not where you want to be, you're not going to get there alone. Having Jenny "on my team" has helped me grow leaps and bounds towards the goals I wanted but was too afraid to go for 100% before. If you don't plan on going anywhere don't work with her - but if you've got some place to go and you really want to get there, Jenny is one of the best guides! Thanks Jenny!"
How This Mastery Course Can Help You Transform Your Most Important Relationships 
Are you tired of suffering from a lack of support, attention, affection or love?

Do you feel a longing to be truly seen, appreciated, and accepted for who you are?

The TRUTH is…It is possible to stop feeling anxious, alone or frustrated in your closest relationships,  and finally get the support, love, romance and connection you really want!! 

Imagine what it would be like to feel excited to wake up next to your partner...

Imagine what it would be like to know that those you love have your back...

Imagine what it would be like if you, your partner, and your family were able to really laugh, love and  connect again!
With this simple four-step process (POET), you can begin to create more love, attention, and affection immediately!
  • This course will teach you the four steps for moving from relationship struggle into being desired, loved, and completely adored
  • This course will show you how to move from feeling depressed, alone, and disconnected in your relationships, to feeling seen, supported and excited to be with your partner, children, and loved ones
  •  Learn the Secrets of being highly desired…even having the man or woman you love seek you out for the privilege of your time and attention.
  • This course will give you tools and techniques for exactly what to do or say when your partner or date is checked out, walled-off, or not giving you the support, attention and affection you really want.
The mastery course is designed to be THE MOST comprehensive course on creating 
more of what you want in your most important relationships...
Becky J.
​"I have read about other's approaches, but Jenny's process, P.O.E.T, works best for me! This understanding was the missing piece in my marriage!"
What Makes This Course Different
While there are many great "relationship" gurus and coaches out there, I truly believe this course gets at the core of why you are struggling any relationship, and how you can begin turning things around starting today.  Not only have the four steps of POET transformed my own relationship life...but I have watched them transform the relationships of thousands of clients.  

Have you have tried other "strategies" for resolving your relationship struggles, only to find yourself once again disappointed, frustrated, or on your own.  

If yes, then read why my course is different from others.
  • This course is not your normal relationship course. It was created after sitting in over 11,000  sessions with both men, women, and hearing the struggles from all sides, and seeing what  REALLY works to create more confident, satisfying, intimate relationships.
  • This course is laid out to support YOU!  It includes 20 weekly Mastery Videos, and a BONUS 6 months in the Relationship Mastery Inner-Circle, where you get access to 2 monthly group coaching calls, a chance to practice important tools and techniques, and connection into a community that is here to help you have the relationships  you truly want.
What Are The Things Included In This Course
Are you truly ready to invest in creating the relationship life you have always wanted?  Learning how to BE the kind of person that can have a truly amazing, intimate, relationships is a process, and no one can do it for you (just like no one can do your push-ups for you)...    

You will need to learn, practice, and be consistent.  In these situations nothing is more valuable than having a coach and community to teach, model, encourage, and support you in creating what you truly want.  

The reality is that nothing is more expensive than giving up your true desires, and living a "half-lived" life...  

According to Harvard University's famous Harvard/Grant study...Deeply satisfying relationships are reported to be the greatest indicator of a fulfilling life...and investing in your closest relationships is THE best choice you can make for long-term happiness.  

Ultimately, having the relationships you truly want is PRICELESS!  According to the research it means more health, more wealth, more fun, and greater life satisfaction...If you are ready to invest in yourself, and in something that matters most, here's what you will get if you sign up today...
  • 26 Weekly Mastery Videos (Valued at $3,900).
  • FREE BONUS: 6 months in the Relationship Mastery Inner-Circle (Valued at $594). Coaching calls are held twice a month, and you will  receive recordings of all the calls.  

YOU’RE PRICE!! $997 (or 6 Payments of $179)
Hannah N.
"I have seen a will to thrive that was lacking before. In my relationships I have been able to show up more authentically. I feel a profound gratitude for Jenny, and her guidance!" 
Course Outline
  • Module 1: The Intimacy Blueprint: Understanding how Intimate Relationships Really Work!  The POET Process for getting back into Relationship Flow~
  • Module 2:  Designing the Relationships Of Your Truest Desires 
  • Module 3: The Actions that Actually Work In Creating the Most Intimate, Loving and Powerful Relationships on the Planet
  • Module 4: Advanced Relationship SKILLS
  • Module 5: Transforming Your Inner and Outer World to Support the Creation of Everything you Want in Your Relationship Life
  • Module 6: Mastering an Advanced Relationship Mindset
Amanda N.
"Jenny has helped me so much! My relationships with family and myself have really grown while working with her and I feel more checked in to my life. She has given me some great tools to get what I want out of life and to create stronger relationships. I am finally building the life I want instead of just coasting along!"
Price $997 One Time OR 6 payments of $179
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